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The Wonders of The Startling

When the concept of the Epiphanal Startling was initially realized I was not quite certain where the book would go.  That doesn’t mean that I did not have a grasp of the message I was lead to convey nor did it mean that I began it and ended it in a completely different way than I envisioned it.   What I did initially see was it was to be a standalone piece that would allegorically depict God’s love that had been shown to me.  Hence there is a significant personal experience embedded between the cover pages.  This should not appear to be any major revelation, or epiphany, it is simply fact and one that I share with many that attempt to transfer their understanding and view on sometimes very stark pages.

Discussions of time and more accurately life can be illuminating or they can cloud one’s perception of the course that we believe we have charted.  Learning from past experiences seems to be a commonly accepted ‘best way’ to improve our situation and thus ensure that we will are always moving the proper direction.  The learning of lessons is extremely important but I have also discovered that what we might perceive as the intended lesson was in reality not what we were to take from the experience.  It is much like being the witness to any life event, our vantage point and perspective will temper our analytically determined conclusion.  We simply have a limited view, one obscured by our predilection.  We are flawed and as a result we can only hope to bumble our way to the correct conclusion.

The gentleman pictured in this article is Brigadier General A G Jenkins and he was a member of the Army of Northern Virginia  under the ultimate command of Robert E. Lee.  In my book the First of July – an Epiphanal Startling, copyright © Clifford Adrian Balson 2014, I represent this man as a pivotal motivator in the fictitious character, Leopold Jenkins’ desire to correct a time line that he had seen as flawed.  Leopold was attempting to right a tremendous wrong that had been swept under the carpet for many years.  The fact that A G Jenkins was a lawyer and a politician that haled from West Virginia and was a slaveholder made the supposition an intriguing one.  Add to this the observation that he apparently played a limited role that he played in the Battle of Gettysburg according to references made within Edwin B Coddington’s book The Gettysburg Campaign – A Study In Command copyright © 1968 by Caroline Q Coddington.  This means that the General was regarded from two different points of view through the foggy glasses of historical perspective.  He was a well respected member of his society and his biographical data highlights the modest success that he had.  He died as a result of his wounds that were suffered in combat and that can evoke feeling of sympathy.  He also was a character that fought to at best preserve state’s rights but more accurately to maintain the yoke of human bondage.

The book I wrote is deals with the concept of ‘what if?’  It introduces the reader to a series of characters in the not too distant future that are searching for a better life.  It draws upon fabricated past images and does not attempt to judge the past only the present.  Society of that future has not changed too much.  Technology is more sophisticated in some areas but less in others.  People struggle to attain an ideal and to conform to the social norms of that day.  They view each day as a challenge to their needs and wants, when it is really a reflection of a collective problem that must be confronted and whose solution must be embraced.  The past and the future are as such wound together

Each time thread, the path that we travel, must be acknowledged as just one of a myriad of possibilities.  Each of our destinations are  subject to change in an instant, our headings are not clear.  What we choose to do when we learn this, and experience a resultant epiphany, gives us opportunity focus on on our true purpose.   Imagine you are on a bus ride.   You have three choices of where you can view the surrounding as you travel down the road.  You can elect to look out of the front window and view what is ahead, you can turn your head and look at where you have been or you can simply look out the window next to you and experience where you are at that moment in time.

If ever there was a time to…

After a significant amount of soul searching I took the initiative to make some much needed correction to the First of July – an Epiphanal Startling.  I have no one to blame for the number of errors present during the initial publication.  As a result of the discovery of the problems, the limited marketing effort that was in place was removed and the book has now been replaced with the new and hopefully perfect version. (I am not convinced that anything I do is perfect but this should be free of conspicuous errors and omissions).  If you are interested to learn how the original version ended up published in its condition I will be happy to explain but it is a long and not very interesting explanation.

As a result I am offering anyone that purchased the book a replacement at no charge and will be offering those that wish to purchase a significant discount (25%) should they wish to purchase the book from my CreateSpace store (click here)  and when you do so enter the  9J4AKWNL when you check out.  The amount will be deducted from the purchase price.

I have begun to work on the second installment of this trilogy and it should be available for publication during the summer of 2015.  If you are a fan of poetry I will be publishing a poetry anthology in the next several months, before the year ends. 

What is a time thread?

Thread is made up of a number of fibers spun together to make a long continuous thing by which Time Threadmaterial or fabric is made.  This thread can be traced to a beginning point and to an ending point.  Much like the physical thread a time thread is a series of events that have been strung together in series.  Each fiber that comprises the thread are the concurrent or simultaneous actions that comprise the process that is taking place and is subsequently measured by a man made contrivance the clock.  We are traveling within a time thread.  It is one that is part of an infinitely large cable that represent the possibilities.  All life continues in this fashion.  Each and every moment is an opportunity to strike off in a new and different direction.

Can we jump time threads or are the events that are part of the thread subject to change?  Time threads are not able to be viewed looking forward like one does when looking down a road.  Time thread are best understood in retrospect.  We can most clearly see the path we have traveled.  The steps imprinted in the soft sand of our history.  But we must be careful when viewing this in that our memories can distort the view of what once was and we can see those footprints fade and dissolve as we move further distant from the events of the past.

What Is An Epiphany?

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Why would an epiphany be startling to the person experiencing it?  A simple question that is probably best answered by another question, ‘why wouldn’t it be?’   Something of tremendous value or substance has been suddenly revealed to you and now you are trying to come to grips with how to process this newly discovered thing.

Today “The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling” copyright © Clifford Adrian Balson 2014 is now available to explore an epiphany from both the secular and spiritual vantage points.  The overlapping of perspectives often blurs the reality of the situation and adds to our inability to ascertain ‘truth’ which in turn limits our understanding.

We wander through our lives failing to see what is going on around us.  The curtain is up and a fantastic play is in progress.  It is one in which we are willing or unwilling participants and as it…

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