1st of July – an Epiphanal Startling

Can we change the past? If we could, what would we change about it? In the year 2113 a group of people, following the vision of one man, endeavor to change the past and by doing so to improve the present for us all. They work diligently to achieve what Dr. Leopold Jenkins defines as an ‘Epiphanal Startling’. It is a revelation of such significance that in temporal terms it reverses the course that mankind is traveling. It alters the fabric of time, it manipulates the thread that we are following and causes our lives to change in an instant.

There is an inherent need to understand what we are measuring when we speak of time. Dr. Adria Constantina, noted time theorist of the day, puts it this way; We measure our lives by the ticks of a mechanized device that enables us to predict our current position in our journey around the sun. It is through this process that we see our purpose and in this context we try to give it meaning and substance. We mark it but because the process is indefinable when we use our limited intellect we, through our attempts to label it, define it as something that it is not.”

“We now can see the past as it really happened. We are able to see the facial expressions of those that have gone before us as they lived out the drama of their days.” Dr. William Lawrence, Jr.

Who are these people and why are they working so hard to achieve a result that may mean the end of their very existence? Their actions have been foretold and the results predetermined. The process continues, the journey is recorded within these pages. Read and witness it, it will be startling!


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