What is a time thread?

Thread is made up of a number of fibers spun together to make a long continuous thing by which Time Threadmaterial or fabric is made.  This thread can be traced to a beginning point and to an ending point.  Much like the physical thread a time thread is a series of events that have been strung together in series.  Each fiber that comprises the thread are the concurrent or simultaneous actions that comprise the process that is taking place and is subsequently measured by a man made contrivance the clock.  We are traveling within a time thread.  It is one that is part of an infinitely large cable that represent the possibilities.  All life continues in this fashion.  Each and every moment is an opportunity to strike off in a new and different direction.

Can we jump time threads or are the events that are part of the thread subject to change?  Time threads are not able to be viewed looking forward like one does when looking down a road.  Time thread are best understood in retrospect.  We can most clearly see the path we have traveled.  The steps imprinted in the soft sand of our history.  But we must be careful when viewing this in that our memories can distort the view of what once was and we can see those footprints fade and dissolve as we move further distant from the events of the past.


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