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After numerous delays and with much anticipation The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling (copyright © Clifford Adrian Balson 2014 – 10th Samaritan Ministry publisher) is now available today April 17th, 2014  (Check it out!).  This science fiction work is the first of three books.  The next book Good Hope – The Journey Begins… is targeted for release in early 2015.  Considering that all science fiction is allegorical you can be assured that The First of July will not disappoint the reader that is seeking a reading experience that provokes thought and plays with your emotions.   It will challenge you to think about time and how you relate to it or more importantly how it relates to you.  

The term “time thread” is used through out the book and it can be said that a time thread is made up of a multitude of strands…

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Order Early and Save!!!

10th Samaritan Ministry


Do some slight production issues the publishing date of new book “The First of July – an Epiphanal Startling” copyright © Clifford Adrian Balson 2014) has been delayed. The book will be available very shortly and because of this delay I am offering an opportunity to receive a 25% discount off of the selling price for those that wish to reserve a copy from now until April 14th.  To take advantage of this discount you simply have to leave a comment on with your intention to purchase and a valid email address to which I can send the discount code.

I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for your understanding regarding the delay.


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Quantum Design Lab gets the nod!

Quantum Design Lab gets the nod!

Once again Chris Anderson at Quantum Design Lab was called upon to create a book cover that was exciting and creative, a true reflection of the book itself.  He and his company did not disappoint,  Coming March 27th at Createspace, Amazon or other fine book retail outlets.  The day is rapidly approaching when you can read for yourself about how time thread manipulation, and epiphany can converge, creating a startling conclusion!

Defining Science Fiction With A Heart

Science Fiction was always to me excitement, action and a vehicle upon which my imagination could ride to escape the challenges that I faced daily. Then I read Frank Herbert‘s “Dune” (© copyright 1965 Frank Herbert) and it all changed, my perceptive that is,. The discovery of allegory, the intricate weaving of a new and exciting fabric, conjured from newly created silk extruded from the thought and imagings of an author. Thss provided a fresh view, a chance to see life from a different perch, high above the street, the pavement on which we routinely tread.

 Staring into these images we gain awareness of us and our life’s mission, all too often described as our purpose, a useful term and worthy of defining us. We observe the captured glimpse of us from a vantage point that we have never known existed. Do we like what we see? It matters not, the discovery is the point of the journey toward it the gift.

 It is a parable, it smiles back at us knowingly. We embrace it, the excitement, the horror the adrenalin rush. At one level we are riding the cosmic roller-coaster but at another we see deep within us to thirst that has yet to be quenched.

 Time thread manipulation represents the excitement of re-doing our lives and correcting the past mistakes or re-capturing lost opportunities. We assume that it is about us, all about our wants and desires. Could it be that we are not the center of even our own universe, even when we believe it to be so?

 Having heart is an illustration of love and compassion and the substances that commitment and integrity are built upon. Perhaps all literature has “heart”. The First of July- an Epiphanal Startling (©copyright Clifford Adrian Balson 2014)is dependent upon its readers to recognize its heart, see it and its multiple levels. Is it thinly veiled allegorical message? Perhaps, but there is definitely more!


The opportunity to explore it is coming March 27, 2014.



The 1st of July – it’s coming soon!

The word is getting out about the impending release of my latest book “The 1st of July – an Epiphanal Startling”.

What makes people want so desperately to change things that they are willing cause their own lives to cease, to make it as though they never existed?   There is an answer to this question but it won’t be available until March 31st 2014!

Coming in March of 2014 the new book by C Adrian Balson, “The First of July- an Epiphanal Startling” © copyright Clifford Adrian Balson 2014.  For those that would like to purchase the book before it is released they can do so by indicating their desire through a comment.  Please provide an email address since you will be sent a discount code with which you will save forty percent off of the selling price.  You also be given the opportunity to have the book signed and dated should desire that.



1st of July – an Epiphanal Startling

Can we change the past? If we could, what would we change about it? In the year 2113 a group of people, following the vision of one man, endeavor to change the past and by doing so to improve the present for us all. They work diligently to achieve what Dr. Leopold Jenkins defines as an ‘Epiphanal Startling’. It is a revelation of such significance that in temporal terms it reverses the course that mankind is traveling. It alters the fabric of time, it manipulates the thread that we are following and causes our lives to change in an instant.

There is an inherent need to understand what we are measuring when we speak of time. Dr. Adria Constantina, noted time theorist of the day, puts it this way; We measure our lives by the ticks of a mechanized device that enables us to predict our current position in our journey around the sun. It is through this process that we see our purpose and in this context we try to give it meaning and substance. We mark it but because the process is indefinable when we use our limited intellect we, through our attempts to label it, define it as something that it is not.”

“We now can see the past as it really happened. We are able to see the facial expressions of those that have gone before us as they lived out the drama of their days.” Dr. William Lawrence, Jr.

Who are these people and why are they working so hard to achieve a result that may mean the end of their very existence? Their actions have been foretold and the results predetermined. The process continues, the journey is recorded within these pages. Read and witness it, it will be startling!